1903 European Oak – French White

In the flooring industry, there has been an increase in general trend to use Engineered wood flooring for the family home. People have become aware that Engineered wood flooring has the following characteristics:

  1. Compared to Laminate, the texture is more real and more natural
  2. Engineered wood flooring offer levelness, stability and better performance
  3. Compared to bamboo flooring, it is more water resistant and responds well to high humidity and various temperatures

  The Engineered timber floor is a wise choice; it not only offers the quality of solid timber floors but is also greater value. 1903 is a French style Engineered floor; the surface has a non-slip function, with a thick solid 6MM French oak veneer and a tested hardness of about 0.79. The biggest advantage of oak is its hardness, it does not crack and is a high quality floor. W1903 consists of multi-layer plywood, made in a criss-cross structure that greatly reduces the shrinkage of the floor. This makes it ideal in modern residential floor use. If it is laid on cement floor and flatness is not very good, it is recommended to use adhesives when installing; this will reduce the noise caused by uneven ground. If the installation is on wood flooring, then the nail fixing is the best method.


Name: W1903 European Oak – French White
Product Code: W1903
Sqm/BOX: 1.805
Dimension: 20x190x1900mm 5pc

20 mm thickness with 6mm solid timber veneer
Stunning Wide Floor Boards- 190mm
Luxurious Warmth and Elegance
Resandable and Recoatable – Up to 4 times
Sourced from FSC Certified Forests
Specialist European Oak Installation Team