A04 Black Butt

When choosing solid timber flooring, many people decide between Spotted Gum and Blackbutt. Which is suitable? We can consider the following points.

  1. Janka Test: Spotted Gum timber has a hardness rating of 11 whereas Blackbutt timber is 9.1. This makes Spotted Gum the harder of the two, but both rating level is very acceptable. .
  2. Presentation: Spotted Gum has a relatively clean look compared to Blackbutt. It has darker shades of golden brown colour. Blackbutt has light wood colour and makes veins, insect trails and knots stand out.
  3. Pricing: Both are reasonably priced and their retail price is almost the same.

The decision is not easy because these 2 timbers are the most popular in solid timber flooring. By considering these 3 points, it does not necessary mean Spotted Gum is better choice than Blackbutt. Blackbutt will show all the darker spotting, but many customers find it being attractive with fine texture and naturally occurring characteristics In Australia, simple is best. It is common to find furniture, ceiling, skirting and walls of a home to be white. Minimal contrast is present so flooring is used to provide this. If this is the case, then Blackbutt works very well. On the other hand, if coloured furniture, wall or furnishings were used, then a monotonous style floor would be effective. Another option is choosing different grades of Blackbutt. The grading is judged by the level of how clean and how much characteristics appear on the timber. Better the grade the higher the price. However, not everyone likes a higher grade, as the timber won’t feel and look natural.