A03 Spotted Gum

A03 Spotted Gum           How to pick out the true and imitation of Queensland Spotted Gum? It is not possible to buy high quality flooring at a low price. Ordinary timber is sold at a high price to consumers as special quality product at a high profit margin. The buyer believes they received the real product at a great price. However, they have no way to distinguish the difference between the real and imitation product. There was an online article written by a customer of another floorboard company. He stated that the floorboard company told him the installed timber floors he bought from them were Queensland Spotted Gum. However, it was not until his friend, whom had basic timber knowledge, said he actually been sold an imitation of Queensland Spotted Gum. And he told him to read all the information about Spotted Gum, written by the owner of Ozwood, which can be found on Ozwood’s company website. Upset about this, he posted the online criticism. It is an everyday occurrence in the industry that lemon scented or Pacific Spotted Gum is sold as Queensland Spotted Gum. If this behaviour continues, consumers become concerned and question the integrity of the industry. As a supplier, I am upset about it. How to spot the real and the imitation?

  • Spotted Gum comes with natural shallow and deep wood grains
  • Queensland Spotted Gum has a grey based tint, sapwood white, a small amount of pink and all natural colours. Imitation Spotted Gum has no main/base colour.
  • It has excellent hardness (rated) and uniform texture. Queensland Spotted Gum has about 10% of the oil line, basically no knots and imitation Spotted Gum has a lot of board node and no oil line
  • Queensland Spotted Gum has waterproof qualities and strong stability
  • The completed floors look dynamic. A finished Queensland Spotted Gum floor show the natural charm of the space and fluid movement, and imitation Spotted Gum is full of knots, random pattern and messy colour effect.
  • Spotted Gum supply and installed on wooden surface is sold at around $120/sqm. Installed on concrete surface is around $130/sqm. Price fluctuates by 10%, depending on the buyer’s purchase volume and the material specifications. The longer and wider the floorboard, the more expensive the price.

This price is for pre-finished timber boards. If you choose to use raw board, you’ll need to add $ 30- $ 40/sqm for sanding and polishing.   As Australia’s largest flooring company, Spotted Gum has become the flagship product of OZWOOD. Ozwood have spent more than 10 years in research and development, from material procurement of the Queensland tree farm to large-scale production. This led to the adjustment and refined management of the handling, processing and manufacturing standard of Ozwood’s Queensland Spotted Gum. OZWOOD’s Spotted Gum flooring is fine quality and has a very high reputation in the Sydney flooring industry. In addition to floorings, Ozwood have produced, using Queensland Spotted Gum, solid wood dining tables, wooden doors, staircases, shelves and other products. Different parts of the Spotted Gum are used to make different products. There is a great level of comprehensive utilization of Spotted Gum, and the finished products are high grade.