Why Choose OZWOOD

When it comes to decorating your own house, floor is considered to be one of the major concern for most house owners and thus a thorough consideration is needed for the customers before making the decision.

There are three essential things to consider before installing the floor.
1. The agreement of the whole family on the colour and pattern of the floor.
2. The quality of the floor.
3. A reasonable price yet with a longer lifetime of the floor.

It is hard for customer to meet these three requirements as there are varieties of timber floors with different quality and price from different suppliers which creates more confusions for customers. Vast majorities of the customers tend to seek timber floors in a large and reputable timber flooring company. OZWOOD is one of the many reputable and trustworthy timber flooring companies located at Sydney Auburn with two well decorated floors to showcase different types of timer floors and furniture.

Being reputable and reliable is one of the many reasons customers choose OZWOOD for their floor.

1. A Wide range of choices
OZWOOD satisfies their customers with a wide range of timbers; Laminate, Engineered floor, Bamboo with different types of colour and pattern. Moreover, it has more than 30 types of solid woods that come from Indonesia, Myanmar, Brazil, African, Australia to choose. With such a huge range of floors to choose from, OZWOOD is now a well-known timber flooring company for not only its varieties but also its excellent installation and after sale service.

2. A well-displayed showroom
The showroom of OZWOOD has six display sections for customers to experience the floor. The six sections are spotted gum, black butt, oak engineered wood, BAROCK laminate, bamboo and solid timers. The manager of OZWOOD, Shirley, explained with these display sections, customers are able to experience the actual feeling of the end product and thus help them to make the right decision.

3. One stop service
There is not only a huge range of timber floors to choose from, OZWOOD also provides all of the things that are needed for installing a floor and provide installation with skilful and experience installers. From supply to install, the one stop service at OZWOOD provide their customers with a piece of mind.

4. Quick and Convenience
The warehouse of OZWOOD is right next to its showroom, which make it easier for them to keep track of the stock and make sure every stock is ready to be delivered or installed whenever the customers which to proceed the installation which makes it more convenience and quicker than those of the other. With the 50,000m2 of storage, customers are able to check the condition of all of the materials before the installation which gives customer confident purchasing with OZWOOD.