Terms and Warranty

Terms and Conditions

  1. Owner to ensure all furniture are removed. If the flooring installer is used to remove the furniture, charges apply and we will not be liable for any damages.
  2. During installation, noise and dust is inevitable. Owner must protect all items and property. The company is not responsible for any damages direct or indirectly cause by this.
  3. Before installation, all items of financial or sentimental value must be kept safe. We are not responsible of any loss.
  4. The customer must inspect the first 15sqm. All queries should be put forward immediately. If the customer is not on site, installation continues on default or as initially agreed.
  5. The ATFA stipulates that the installation of wood flooring with a length and or width of more than 6 meters or cabinet edge area, expansion joints must be used. If the customer requests that it not be installed, then any damages that arises are to be paid by the customer, not Ozwood.
  6. If the customer insist that the original skirting boards to be re-used, Ozwood is not responsible for any repairs or damages of them during that process.
  7. After the completion of the job, the installer will remove floorboard scraps and packaging. This does not include dust on the walls and floors.
  8. Each timber panel is unique and comes with different surface characters. If the customer decides that certain panels doesn’t look good enough to be installed, then any additional panel(s) required to finish the job will be charged to the owner.
  9. On completion of the job, the customer shall conduct a final inspection and will be asked to sign off, in acceptance of the job. The final balance is to be paid on the same day once the job has been completed. If the customer is not on site, then it is fair to assume the job is accepted.
  10. OZWOOD is not responsible for any floor levelling issues or problems howsoever or whensoever arising. Installation price does not include levelling of the original existing surface. This service is available, but at extra charge.
  11. Once an installation time and date has been agreed and confirmed, any postponement of that appointment within 5 working days of scheduled commencement may incur a fee equivalent to 10 % of the total cost. Such fees to be agreed before the Installation job will be re-scheduled, and payable pursuant to these terms. For order that require OZWOOD to order materials from overseas, a fee equivalent to 50% of the total cost will incur.
  12. Upon placing and confirmation of the Order, the deposit paid will be forfeited if the customer does not proceed promptly with the Order.
  13. To the extent allowed under Australian and New South Wales Consumer, Fair Trading and Trade Practices Laws and the Common Law, OZWOOD hereby excludes and disclaims all and any liability, responsibility or claim in circumstances where any such alleged loss, expense, defect or damage relates to or arises from anything other than the timber flooring itself such as the wall, door and furniture etc. It cannot be held liable for any unforeseeable, consequential, or indirect loss or damage or as not arising directly from any Contractual or Warranty Breach. Any such claim is limited to the costs of replacement timber and/or reinstallation or repair ONLY.



  1. The installation/workmanship warranty is 1 year.
  2. All warranty is valid only when full payments have been made.
  3. Items not covered under warranty:
    1. OZWOOD is not responsible for any floor levelling issues or problems howsoever or whensoever arising such as creaking problem.
    2. Careless misuse of flooring by the owner is not covered.
    3. Damages caused by the premise’s plumbing and related accessories, may it be leakages etc. is not part of the warranty
  4. For any dispute arising out of the installation, use and maintenance of the floor, the Company only provides repairs but refuses any monetary compensation.