OZWOOD History

In 1985, Mr. Wu Mengyun, the founder of OZWOOD, worked in the Forestry Department of Zhejiang Province, China, specializing in the manufacture of wood flooring.

In 1992, Mr. Wu Mengyun founded Hangzhou Golden Elephant Materials Co., Ltd., focusing on interior design and decoration. Mr. Wu Mengyun also established floor sales company in Zhejiang Province in China and build sales network in Taizhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Hangzhou within Zhejiang Province.

In 2003, Mr. Wu Mengyun founded China Huzhou Golden Elephant Wood Industry Co., Ltd. From 2003 to 2010, the company opened many branches across major cities in China and the products were exported to Europe, the United States and Australia.

Later on, Golden Elephant has become the iconic brand in Huzhou and listed in top 500 among China industries. Additionally, the company has been ranked as top ten in top wood flooring companies as well as won many other honorary titles.

Moreover, Golden Elephant Wood Industry Co., Ltd has been recognized as a well-known consumer brand and became the first choice across the Chinese interior design and decoration industry.

In 2005, Golden Elephant made the first step into Australia by cooperating with the local Australian flooring company. Later on, the company has become Australia’s well-known China timber supplier in New South Wales.

In order to broaden the wood Market in Australia, China Huzhou Golden Elephant Wood Co., Ltd. built up the partnership with Australia Barock Co., Ltd. in 2016 and established Huzhou OZstar Wood Pty Ltd. In the same year, OZstar officially started to purchase Australian logs and manufacture Australia’s best-known Spotted Gum and Black Butt floors.

In 2009, in order to deeply operate the flooring market in Sydney, Mr. Wu Mengyun founded OZWOOD Australia Pty Ltd and set up a logistics centre and headquarters at 290 Parramatta Auburn NSW.

In 2010, OZWOOD Australia Pty Ltd opened another branch and franchised another showroom at Castle Hill.

In order to solve the problem of “dry shrinkage” in the use of solid wood flooring, OZWOOD flooring company, BAROCK Group Company, Suzhou Golden Elephant Wood Co., Ltd. and Australian Products Wood Co., Ltd. worked together and developed new solid wood flooring by applying Chinese Patent. In 2012, new solid wood floorboard was officially tested in Sydney Unit can not solve the problem of laying solid wood flooring.

In order to further reduce the formaldehyde content of the diamond plate, OZWOOD flooring company became BAROCK Group, producing the Australian local brand BAROCK floor, distributing in NSW market.

BAROCK floor is now recognized for its excellent quality in the Sydney Interior Design and Decoration Sector and it has a good reputation.

BAROCK flooring because OZWOOD famous, OZWOOD because BAROCK floor better.

In 2015, OZWOOD in its headquarters to build the 800 square floor showroom, the new exhibition hall excellent design and exquisite decorative effect, so that the floor buyers feel the size and quality of OZWOOD, OZWOOD flooring counterparts as Australia’s largest flooring company , As Sydney home flooring buyers the most ideal choice.

By December 31, 2016, OZWOOD Flooring has laid a floor for Sydney’s 21141 families, with a wide range of well-known and well-known degrees in Sydney in Sydney: everyone is using ozwood flooring.

In February 2020, OZWOOD’s self-operated branch in Castle Hill relocated to the new location opposite to the Bunnings and upgraded to flagship store. The store has been an important member of our company and has been operating at the same address in Castle Hill for more than eight years, and has accumulated many loyal customer groups. Due to business expansion and consideration of the company’s overall business strategy, the company decided to relocate and upgrade. The new store’s showroom is four times bigger, making it the largest floor showroom in Sydney’s west. The new showroom is complete in categories and fully displays all the products of OZWOOD’s entire series.