Covid-19 : Get Your Floor Done !

How to get floor done during the COVID-19 time:

  1. If you’re within the 8 LGAs that is under harsh Lockdown, construction site is prohibited. However, Feel free to contact Ozwood Australia for purchasing material which could be delivered to your house for your DIY project ! Recommended products : Hybrid & Laminate
  2. If you’re fortunate enough to be outside the 8 LGAs that is under hash lockdown, construction can be commenced provided that installation location is unoccupied. Visit our website or call us for a quote, measurement and installation. Get your home more comfy during the COVID time !

Call our office number or 0452 668 028 (Shirley) / 0452 390 708 (Tina) for price & color selection and material order / pick up.

If you need urgent installation service, please feel free to contact us as we have installation team available outside of the 8 LGAs.

Stay Safe, We’re in it together !