OAKB1901 European Oak – Walnut Project

Lucy was the first customer who purchased our OAKB1901 Ozwood timber floor product. This was a few years ago, but to this day, I still remember her quite well.

Through comparing the features of the different floor types, Lucy settled to use engineered timber for the ground floor and solid timber for the first floor. I agreed to her plan because the ground floor is always more humid and engineered floor is more resistant in humid environments. Lucy’s choice was the anti-slip, brushed texture floor - B1901 European Oak.

Lucy loved its’ walnut-coffee colour, she wants to match it with her black oak furniture.

Luckily, Lucy’s house is quite spacious; so the coffee floors and black furniture colours did not result in a feeling of dark heaviness.

In general, for housing decoration, you will never go wrong if you choose light colours on the top and darker colours on the bottom.

Ozwood B1901 European Oak; uses oak as the floor surface with retro style brushed texture. The total oak layer thickness is 6mm and the overall thickness is 20mm. This product is very reliable, water resistant and can be polished multiple times to maintain the surface’s characteristics and quality.