Optimal installation method for Engineered Floorboard

Engineered Timer is a result of extensive experiences and improved techniques in floor making. With said, Engineered Timber is one of a kind in flooring which provides the features,grains and the feel of natural timber while offering the accessibility, affordability and robustness of a laminate. Though, with these conveniences, Engineered Timber could also be troublesome if not installed properly. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you in installing a perfectly stable Engineered Floorboard.

  1.Applying glue at tongue and groove

This is the most commonly used and popular way of installing Floating Engineered Floorboards in both and House and Apartments. It is time saving and suitable for both timber and concrete surfaces. This type of installation,however, can only be used to install floorboard upon an even surface as the floor laid upon the surface can only be as even as the surface beneath, thus, having a flat surface is vital for attaining a stable floorboard.

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Five types of timber floors for unit and apartment (New Edition)

The first version of the article “The five choices of timber floor for units & Apartment” was published in 2015, with the aim of celebrating the establishment of Ozwood floor headquarters in auburn. The article has a great influence on the floor purchaser. Today, with the flooring industries progress and changed so rapidly, I felt it is necessary to rewrite the article to provide the most accurate and updated information for readers.

We have encountered lots of issues with bamboo floor in the past five years. Bamboo floor’s sensitivity to humidity and temperature has resulted in floor swelling, deformation and causing gaps. This is the reason that a lot of floor suppliers are reluctant to sell bamboo floor in their showroom nowadays. We believe bamboo floor is no longer an optimal choice for floor consumers.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is 100% waterproof, it had emerged in the market recently and soon become the top selection for the floor in shops, bathrooms, kitchen an...

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Essential knowledge before installing floors

When it comes to installing timber floors, there are some essential knowledge that the customer needs to know to avoid falling into the common mistakes and not getting the right quality that matches with the money spent.   Customers tend to browse around different timber floor retailors hoping to gather the right information for the floor that they are after but most of the time, the salesperson tends to provide information that will help close the sale for their products but not the information that the customers are after and in which case will cause more confusion to the customer. This article is written with the aim to provide the right and useful knowledge about timbers floor for customers who are looking forward to install one.   1. The harder the wood the better? When choosing the right solid timber, it is not necessarily to choose the hardest one. Iron Bark is considered to be one of the hardest solid woods around the globe, with a hardness level of 14 and the h...
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