OZWOOD, one of the biggest timber floor providers in Australia, its two stories showroom is located at 290 Parramatta Rd Auburn and 9 Salisbury Road Castle Hill.

The display area is at its ground level with several sections showcasing different types of timber floors and feature walls available in store. With showcasing section, it demonstrates the laying method and the looks of the floor which promote a better experience for the customers and allows them to visualise the floor before purchasing it.

Feature wall is the new trend in wall decoration and it adds a unique and distinctive feature to an ordinary house. As a feature wall provider, OZWOOD is at the frontier of this industry with unique designs and outstanding quality feature walls available for customers who are seeking for a unique and distinctive look. Various types of feature walls are displayed in the showroom in order to provide thorough information to the customers prior to their purchase.

OZWOOD is the only timber floors provider in Australia that has fully furnished display rooms for different occasions; study room, bed room and dining room, installed with different timber products for showcasing and create a unique timber floor shopping experience for customers.

At OZWOOD, installation is done by a group of selective installers with years of experiences in the industry, this ensure not only the best materials is provided to the customer but also the installation. With years of experiences, they are able to tackle some difficult jobs which require exceptional skill and patient. With this group of experienced installers, OZWOOD has earned its reputation as a trust worthy and reliable timber floor provider in Australia.

OZWOOD is also the only timber floor provider that equips with the latest, state-of-the-art bullnose-processing machines in Australia. With the technology, OZWOOD is able to provide the staircase unlike no other in the market to customers with a unique taste.